We are proud to announce the opening of new shops!

New K. Carrim Tiles and K. Carrim Builders Mecca in Atterbury Road, Pretoria East.

Welcome to K. Carrim Group Holdings

K. Carrim Group Holdings is a family founded investment company, investing in various businesses primarily related to the Building and Real Estate industry. The K. Carrim Group holdings works closely with the management of the various companies that it invests in, as far as strategy and financial affairs are cocerned.

The group was founded in 1964 from a simple hardware store, called KE Bazaar Builders Mecca by Mr. Ebrahim Carrim, situated in the old Marabastad area, and shaped into the powerful group it is today. During this transformation, the company acquired various businesses over the period of its existence. During the change of the millennium, in the year 2000, K. Carrim Group Holdings was formed, which became the investment arm of the group.

Today, the group has diversified and expanded to include Retail, Wholesale and Contracts within the Retail Division and has established Manufacturing businesses specializing in doors, roof trusses, steel wire nails. Each founding member of the group is a true entrepreneur at heart, focusing their eyes on the horizon for business opportunities that would nurture and grow the company in all it's facets.

Due to the building and real-estate industry so closely linked, K. Carrim Holdings Group identified a real-estate niche in the market, and established property divisions in the residential and commercial property markets, in turn creating a complete picture.

Today, K. Carrim Group Holdings provide services and products for any and all building needs, a true leader in the building and renovation market.

K. Carrim Group runs

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